Delivering Flowers

Yes, you can get flowers delivered the same day. Please order by 3pm for same-day local delivery. If you want flowers rushed over, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916. We will try our best to accommodate your specific requests.

To make sure everyone stays safe, we will try our best to minimise contact through the following procedures:

  • drivers will not be required to collect signatures on delivery
  • drivers will knock on the door and leave the delivery at the doorstep in order to avoid close contact where possible and if deemed safe by the driver to do so
  • drivers delivering to businesses will leave deliveries with reception where possible
  • some drivers (at their discretion) may wear face masks and/or gloves
  • drivers coming onto our premises are using hand sanitiser
  • florists are wearing masks, practising social distancing and hygiene best-practices to stay safe

We deliver locally as well as most suburbs in Melbourne. Please visit our suburb delivery list to find out more.

Flowers are delivered between 9am and 5pm to business addresses and between 9am and 7pm to residential addresses. Drivers pick up at various times in the day. We cannot guarantee specific delivery times, though we do offer an express option for some suburbs. Express delivery may incur an extra charge. Please give us a call to discuss. Ph (03) 9813 1916.

If you would like to know if the flowers have been delivered, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 or email [email protected]. We can let you know when the flowers were delivered and send you an image as proof of delivery.

We may be able to deliver your flowers at a specific time, and it will depend on the amount of notice you give us and the distance of the delivery location. We try to accommodate your specific request, just give us a call to discuss. Phone (03) 9813 1916.

Your order will be delivered on the date you specify when placing an order, providing there are no delivery problems. If the address is incorrect, there is no one available to accept delivery, or there is nowhere safe to leave the delivery we may experience difficulties delivering flowers on the date you have specified.

Most definitely! Just place your order by 3pm and your flower order will arrive the same day. However, some suburbs may require an earlier cut off time due to distance.

To arrange a specific delivery time, for example, first thing in the morning or late afternoon please, give us a call on (03) 9813 1916, or leave your request when placing your order online. We will try our best to have your flower order delivered at the time you need it. Specific time delivery is available within a 5km Camberwell radius.

Yes, we can. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 to discuss. Please allow us some time to prepare your order to enable us to deliver at a specific time.

Delivery of flowers is carried out either by one of our team members or specialist couriers with climate-controlled vehicles for our deliveries. Each delivery is carefully hand-delivered to your recipient’s door or place of business.

Please provide as much relevant information as possible to make sure your flowers are delivered. To ensure prompt delivery, we need to know, for example, flat numbers, business name (if applicable), hospital name with room number and ward name. When placing your order online there is a section for you to add any special instructions. For example, “please enter from the side gate”, or “the recipient can’t move quickly, please be patient,” or, “please call the recipient to arrange a suitable delivery time”.

We understand that sometimes you want your flower order to arrive a specific time, so we always try our best to ensure your flowers are delivered when you want. Please call (03) 9813 1916 and we will try to help with your personal request.

Delivery is calculated by the distance and amount of time it takes to deliver and if the delivery service requires a car, van or walk-over.
If you need your flowers to be delivered urgently, please give us a call to discuss. We will try to accommodate your specific request. An extra charge may apply for express deliveries. Phone (03) 9813 1916.
Standard deliveries will arrive between 9am and 5pm to business addresses and between 9am and 7pm to residential addresses. Orders should be placed by 12noon for same day delivery to most metro Melbourne areas, and by 3pmfor local delivery. If you want to confirm your flowers can be delivered same day, please call (03) 98131916 and speak with one of our flower stylist team members.

Delivery charges depend on which suburb/area of Melbourne your order will be sent to. To find the charges for your delivery suburb please visit our deliveries page.
There may be an additional surcharge to have your flowers delivered fast. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 and we will try our best to help.

If your suburb is not listed, we may still offer delivery to that area, please give us a call on (03) 98131916 to find out more.

Yes, we will deliver your order on your specified date. You can choose the date during checkout. Delivery usually goes as planned when we are provided with the correct address, the recipient is available to accept delivery, and there is somewhere safe to leave the gift.

Yes, we can deliver your flower order on a Sunday, provided it is in a 5km radius from Camberwell. You can choose the delivery date when placing your order online, or you can give us a call on (03) 98131916. Please ensure that you have the correct address, there is free access to the front door and there is some place safe to leave the flowers if no one is home. Please provide the recipient’s phone number if you think there may be some issues with safe delivery.

Yes, we can arrange a delivery of flowers on public holiday, provided the delivery is within a 5km radius of Camberwell. A surcharge may apply for a flower delivery on a Public Holiday. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 to discuss.

Residential Addresses
The driver is instructed to leave the flowers safe, and in the shade, if there is no one home to receive them. If there is no safe place, we will attempt to contact you or the recipient (if you have left us instructions to do so) to receive further instructions. Should a re-delivery or re-direction be necessary, we will need to charge a re-delivery fee equal to the standard delivery charge for the suburb of re-delivery.
Business/Hospital Addresses
If accepted, the driver will leave the flowers with reception, mailroom or co-worker. If we have been advised that the recipient is not at the specified location because they have left for the day or checked-out, we will attempt to contact you to make alternative arrangements. If we are unable to make contact, the flowers may have to be returned to the store. If the flowers are in a vase of water or in a box arrangement where they sit in a container of water, we may leave the flowers at the specified location. Unfortunately, we will contact you to pay for the additional delivery charges.

The gift will be left safe in the shade. We can notify the recipient a gift has been delivered.

Yes, we deliver flowers to businesses and hospitals. To ensure a hassle-free delivery of your flower order, please ensure the recipient will be at the place of business or hospital all day. It’s also helps to have specific delivery address details like the business name, ward, and room number.
In many larger businesses and hospitals, it may be their policy for deliveries to be left with reception or at a mailroom to be passed on to the recipient. In these cases, the driver will leave as instructed and by the destination address policies. Due to being outside our boundary of control, we cannot accept responsibility if the gift was subsequently not passed on to the recipient by reception, the mailroom or a co-worker who accepted it on behalf of the recipient. If you would like to know if your gift was received, please give us a call and we can provide you with that information. Ph: (03) 9813 1916.

Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 and we can let you know who the flowers are from, provided we have been given permission to do so. We have to respect that request if the sender has asked not to give a name, due to privacy laws.

We always try to deliver flowers to places outside of Melbourne. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 to discuss.

We need the following information to make a successful delivery:

  1. Name, address and mobile number of the recipient
  2. Access to the front door to be able to leave safe. For example, if there is a tall brick fence with a security entrance, and no-one is home, we cannot leave the gift somewhere safe. In this case, we will have to reach out to the recipient to arrange a suitable time for delivery.  We may need contact you to pay for the re-delivery service.
  3. For hospital deliveries, it’s important for you to make sure the recipient is going to be at the hospital on the day of delivery. In some cases, the gift is delivered and the hospital staff have advised the recipient has been discharged.  In this case, we would need to re-deliver and this would be an extra cost to you.


Yes, you can be sure your credit card details are safe when purchasing from our online store. We have Paypal, so that means your credit card is not stored.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. We also take EFT payment, however we are unable to finalise your order until funds are deposited into the bank account. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 if you have any questions.

If you are paying by credit card, please retry entering the details. Otherwise, please give us a call (03) 9813 1916 and we will complete your order over the phone.


We deliver 7 days to homes, businesses, hospitals, schools aged care, churches, funeral homes and more. If you have a specific location, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916.

Yes, we can send you an image. We usually text the image to your mobile phone.

Ordering flowers via the online store is easy. Simply choose the flowers or plants you would like to send. Then choose if you would like to add a gift card, and maybe some chocolates. Add a message you would like to have written on the gift card. Let us know that it will be ok for the gifts to be left safe if no one is home. Provide any useful information in relation to delivery to ensure your flower order is delivered successfully. For example, the recipient’s mobile phone number in case we need to contact them for hassle-free delivery. And check the box, if you would like an image of the gifts sent to you. Enter your payment details and let us do the rest! Feel free to give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 if you want to complete the order over the phone.

If you need to cancel your order, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916. Usually, we can arrange a refund. You won’t be charged if the flowers have not been made and the courier has not been booked.

If you need to change your order, it’s best to give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 and we will happily change and confirm any details.

No, we do not send an invoice to the recipient.

Yes, it’s ok to send a message with the gifts and sign off anonymously. Just let us know when you are writing the card message. If the recipient calls to ask who the gift is from, we will not disclose who the gift is from, unless we need to comply with the relevant Australian laws.

Just give us a call and we will sort it out – quick and easy! Phone (03) 9813 1916.

Delivery charges depend on which suburb/area of Melbourne your order will be sent to. To find the charges for your delivery suburb please visit our deliveries page.
There may be an additional surcharge to have your flowers delivered fast. Please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 and we will try our best to help.

Yes, we deliver same day. Please place your order by 12 noon for Melbourne suburbs and 3pm for local flower delivery. If you have any specific delivery requests, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916.

Yes, we do urgent deliveries. Usually, if the delivery is local, we can arrange a speedy delivery service. Unfortunately, additional delivery charges may apply. Please give us a call to arrange. Ph (03) 9813 1916 and we will do our best to help.
Please visit our delivery page for more information on our delivery services.

Yes, you can order your flowers via our online store and select “collect from store”. You can also give us a call and pay for the flowers over the phone and collect in store. This is really useful if you don’t want to have the flowers delivered. You can phone and ask to have the flowers made, and let us know when you will be coming into the store to collect them. By ordering in advance, you can avoid waiting for the flowers to be made, if you are in a hurry.

Sometimes we need to reach out to the recipient to make sure they will be at home to receive the gift. Usually, we will contact the recipient if they live in an apartment block with security entrance or a private residence with security gates/doors. We just want to make sure your flower delivery goes as smoothly as possible. We try to avoid having to charge extra costs for return and/or redelivery of flowers.

Yes, your flowers will be left if no one is home. When placing your order, we will ask if it’s ok to leave the flowers in a safe and cool place (in the shade), if no one is home.

Flowers are a product of nature, and flower availability will change as the seasons change. We choose the finest seasonal flowers to handcraft your arrangement carefully. This means that sometimes the flowers won’t look just like the image, but be sure it will have abundant beautiful blooms.

We promise to keep your information private.

Yes, if you are going to take the flowers over, please give us a call on (03) 9813 1916 to organize the flower arrangement. Let us know what time you will be collecting, and we will have them ready for you. This way you don’t have to wait for the flowers to be made.

Yes, you can add a special request (where)___________, or give us a call on (03) 9813 1916


Yes, we can make a custom flower arrangement for you. We stock a huge range of flowers, and as seasons change, so does our flower range. Please give us a call to find out what’s in store. Usually, we can make something just how you like it at a price that suits. Phone (03) 9813 1916.

Yes, we can offer you expert advice on what to send if you are undecided. We have been helping people send gifts since 1992. We love creating beautiful flowers of all types, such as bouquets, vase arrangements, box arrangements, celebration flowers, wedding flowers, birthday flowers, thinking of you flowers and graduation flowers. We have a wealth of experience. Just leave it up to us! Ph (03) 9813 1916.

Yes, we do. Check out our range of extra items. You can add them at check out.

The flowers we stock and use in our arrangements are very fresh. We have been buying flowers since 1992, so our knowledge of flowers is exceptional. Flowers are handpicked by our flower buyer, who has 30 years experience, so they know how to choose the best quality flowers. Our business network includes flower growers, wholesalers and plant nurseries. We take pride in our work and only want the best quality flower gifts to be sent. This means the recipient will enjoy the flowers for an extended period of time. An image of the flowers is sent to you before they are delivered. You will see that most of the flowers are in bud form. This means that the recipient will be able to watch them open. We also send care instructions with all flower gifts to ensure they are enjoyed for the longest possible time.

You can expect your flowers to last around 5-7 days, but usually they will last much longer.

Some flowers last longer than others, and some actually dry quite nicely too. For flowers to last longer it’s really important to give them some loving attention. Visit our flower care guide.

We are very conscious that the flowers you choose will always look great in terms of how they are gift wrapped, how they are arranged and how many flowers are in the arrangement you choose. The description lets you know the minimum number of flower stems your arrangement will have when ordering your flowers. Our regular customers know they are getting value for money, and that’s why they keep coming back! We don’t use a relay service which means all you are only paying for are the flowers and gifts, and a delivery service. We are a family-owned flower shop business, which means we can offer flower arrangements at value for money and consistency of quality.

Flowers are a product of nature and grow according to seasons. Sometimes we will need to substitute flowers, but be sure that we will carefully select the most beautiful seasonal flowers and expertly handcraft your arrangement. You can request to have an image of the flowers sent to you before the flowers are delivered.

We can guarantee that your flowers will last around 5-7 days, maybe a little longer depending on the flower variety and how well the flowers are taken care of. Please visit our flower care guide to get the most out of your flowers.

Who is Camberwell Florist

Camberwell Florist is a family business since 1992. We love flowers and are always looking for new exciting varieties the changing seasons give us. There’s always lots of different vibrant colours and textures. We work passionately and tirelessly to bring you the best quality flowers. We work in the business and we are the florists who buy the flowers and take your calls. It’s really important to us that you get the best value for money flowers. And because we do it all, we can make sure you are getting the best quality flowers at the best prices.

Camberwell Florist is the home, heart and soul for fresh flowers.